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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playground covered in snow

After a fresh snowfall in January: A children's playground in a wintery park. I was the only one there that morning. Mine were the only footprints. Something about being the first person to tread there combined with a blank canvas that makes for - despite the cold, a compelling opportunity to photograph.

Swing seats patiently covered in snow waiting for kids who were too small to sit in them last year and for faithful visitors to return.

I saw this wavy blue plastic triple slide one day when it was overcast and covered in snow. That time the snow was grey and a different texture. This time it was granular and coating the horizontal surfaces only.

I called this 'Snowlociraptor'. I am running out of titles I know, but I liked the image. In the global winter after that asteroid hit, I am sure it wasn't much different. The snowy dino's, not the bad titles. :)


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