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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Red Antiquities Building interior

The century old Red Antiquities Building is in the process of being renovated and restored. Earlier this month it was even lifted off it's original foundations and moved into it's backyard to have new foundations poured and reinforced and also to level the building.

Early last fall, I was able to go to London and was given access to shoot some interior shots of the building as is prior to the renovations. They are all natural light shots, no flash or other fill light.

I wasn't able to travel to London to see the move happen, but I thought I would share the images I did back then as they have not been posted to this point. Another post will follow with the exterior images.

All images are available as prints should anyone be interested.



Anonymous said...

I love the contrast of light and dark, the details of each picture, relates well to the history of the building and will greatly help when restoration continues.
Thank you for these pictures.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love these photos. Thank you so much for taking them and sharing them with us.