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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RIP Tim Hetherington

 Photo credit: ©Tim Hetherington,

Tim Hetherington, the world renowned photojournalist and co-director of Oscar nominated Afghanistan war documentary ‘Restrepo’, was killed, and three other journalists wounded, today during a mortar attack in Misrata, Libya while covering the war.

Doctors in Misrata also confirmed the names of the three injured journalists to The Associated Press. Chris Hondros, a photographer for Getty Images, sustained serious injuries and was reported to be on a respirator at Hikma Hospital. Two other photographers, Guy Martin and Michael Christopher Brown, were being treated for shrapnel wounds.- Via the CTV News and other sources including twitter.

Tim Hetherington is seen here discussing the making of Restropo, Via Time's obituary on Hetherington:


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prasad said...

This is says that Libya is not safe at this time foreigners who are living Libya now they have to leave that country unless they cant live safely because now Libya has no leadership the other countries have to try to discuss with the Libyan government and opposition leaders to bring them for peace talks.