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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dirty green Kahzaks/ Don't put your money in the Rabbobank...

Meaghan. her first cup

Meaghan, above, might as well be wondering what the hell is going with cycling as she has her coffee.

OK. Tuesday I turned on the TV in the evening to watch the day off recap coverage of the Tour de France since my headache would not let me do photo stuff. It has - all be it without Lance - been an interesting tour. There is a new Spanish gun on Discovery, Alberto Contador, who at 24 could win it all, there is a multiday Yellow Jersey winner in Michael Rasmussen on Team Rabbobank. There has been some rough crashes. And some killer mountain road climbs - 8-10% or more for a dozen km anyone?

But the kicker was this. Andres Vinokourov. Riding for pale green suited Astana which is a state owned railway I think in Kazakhstan. He wiped out, got badly injured and has been riding with apparently more than 60 stitches most in his leg. He managed to turn the race around and was still in it until the day before yesterday. On Tuesday, which was the final rest day, it was announced that two or three stages before (results just being in) he had done some blood doping. Injected himself with blood. Presumably his own, though the Versus commentators were saying someone else's. This is apparently easy to identify, and while it aids in recovery after grueling rides, is banned. So. He kicked ass on a climb. Won a stage. Brought some glory to his country - whose president just the day before announced they would sponsor the team for the next ten years. And now? He has been suspended by Team Astana, and the entire team was asked to leave the race - which they did.

Say it ain't so Joe.

And this was a clean tour. All the riders and teams signed off they were clean. And apparently did it voluntarily. Especially after all the shenanigans last year. Everyone was on the rivet - to borrow a cycling euphemism . You would get caught if you did it. And vinokourov was so desparate to get some wins - despite being out of contention for winning the whole thing, that he risked all. He was so hurt after the crash, that no one would have faulted him for dropping out of the race. But he stayed on. And now probably has no chance of ever riding pro again. I bet there are some angry people in the Kazakhstan steppes about now.

Personally, this is really disappointing. You want certain riders to win of course. But in such a brutal race, you want the underdogs to bounce back. Do the Herculean effort and finish and finish well. all the commentators felt cheated that they were raving about Vinokurov the rest day. Embarrased they got suckered in like the rest of us. What a jackass. The sport is trying to clean itself up. And is really brutal on those who cheat ( remember how the French went after Lance when he didn't really cheat (I HOPE!). Pissed me off what Vinokourov did. Today's race was a good one. And the last one in the Pyrenees with a race right to the finish up hill for like 15km. ....


As i went onto Versus right now to check some spelling of teams and riders.... I saw this post:

Rasmussen Pulled From Race

By Phil Liggett
July 25, 2007

So, the Tour de France is punishing into chaos tonight after both, the French Team and the Dutch Rabobank has packed their bags and headed home. The seal of 189 riders in London are now down to 135 to final days into Paris. Just what the millions of spectators will make of this, remains to be seen. They certainly will not see the race leader for the past 9 nine days and today’s stage winner, Michael Rasmussen. He was sacked by his Rabobank Team for lying about his whereabouts when he failed to make himself available for the now well documented out of competition drug test.

His team manager, Theo de Rooy, said that Rasmussen had told him he had been in Mexico with his wife. We all know now that Rasmussen has been seen training in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy. The team then withdrew because of the Code of Ethics, which is now agreed within professional teams.

Earlier in the evening, I had also dreaded to go home for the same principles after former Italian Champion, Christian Moreni, had tested positive during a spot check on Stage 11 for synthetic testosterone. Moreni finished this afternoon and was then taken away by handcuffs by French police.

The new leader of the race will be young Spaniard, Alberto Contador by 1:53 ahead of Cadel Evans and Levi Leipheimer who is +56 seconds in third.

Thank heavens none of these three riders have ever been remotely suspected in dealing with drugs and could now turn out to be the race’s saviors.

Tomorrow is going to be a strange day.
No shit.

Fantastic that Contador is in Yellow. and Levi Leipheimer also of Discovery in third, but there will always be an asterix beside his Yellow. So he has to prove himself more. And then step up again as the other hungry riders get their eyes on the podium in Paris that they thought might not be theirs as recently as this morning.
+++ +++ +++
I think thats what really gave me a headache yesterday. I was afk for most of the day as the ol brain hurt too much. Slept so poor too. Having these weird dreams about explosions too. Like terrorist bombs going off. I don't have nightmares for the most part, but two days in a row that has happened to the point I woke up. I am sure it's probably a big truck or something going by, but it's damn annoying coming down from a dream adrenaline high and trying to go back to sleep.

Behind in editing. Not good I know. But I am sure that will get back in order. Have the house to shoot in still for the rest of the week, And at this point only using it on Sunday afternoon with Meaghan. No other confirmed shoots planned between now n then, but meeting up with Renee out of town tomorrow to sort out her wedding shots. :)

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