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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August . Heat in the city

Work on the domain continues. Nearly there and Jesse has been doing a great job using the flickr api to pull selected images from there based on tags, doing the coding etc. Getting there... Writing content has been a challenge. Doesn't seem like much when you read it, but as those who know me will understand, I tend to like to write.

I have been able to use the downtown Triplex (Thanks Peter!) three times now and may still have access to it this month. So far Shiloh, Luke and Meg have been shot there, though only Luke's pic has been posted.

I uploaded some photos to my facebook group and to my myspace this evening. Most shots from July - at least the non nude ones. I can't post what I would like there... Turns out another photog on Facebook I know has got a warning from the FB police about an offending nipple! I like FB so I am not going to post something that the lowest common denominator will turn their prudish noses up to.

When backing up July images, there were nearly 14GB in those folders. I shot a heck of a lot of Meg last month, mainly because she is awesome to work with! Probably why I will drive to Waterloo to shoot her. I won't do that for a TFCD for pretty much anyone else! :)

I think that was as heavy a month as I have seen in terms of raw pics. And some new people as well. June and July had Andrea D, Meg several times, Melissa K, Luke, Violet, Kat, Nadine, Charlotte, Jessica, Jenn D, Danielle, and April ( I hope I didn't forget anyone!), and met several new contacts which have turned into more shoots, and have a couple of paying gigs to look forward to as well.

Been running into people a lot while at Starbucks which is turning into a regular haunt for me. I think I have run into more friends there in the last three to four weeks than I did in the last couple of years put together. And a couple have turned into good catching up sessions and others into photoshoots. :)

Looking forward to seeing the Harry Potter movie and reading the final book too. The former for the Air Conditioning (it is over 40C with the humidex and that's a little oppressive!), and the latter to find out for myself what happens before someone blows it for me. Yes, I know someone dies. :)

I am going to be going to the cottage - my brother's - in about ten days and won't be available for shoots from about the 11th to 18th of August. If you are interested in hiring me or discussing a shoot, let me know before then as I will be off the net for most of that time.

Keep cool everyone!

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