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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Camera in the Shop.... Again

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Got a moment to blog so I thought I would rap one out.

The Canon 400d (Rebel XTi) is in the shop again. To backtrack in November/07, I got an Error99 which is one of those omnibus errors that can mean several things. They replaced several components. It was a few weeks before I used it and then it was xmas and I then didnt use it much. But one thing I did notice was that it was displaying images incorrectly. Or to be more precise it was recording images incorrectly.

The actual picture was fine but the image itself was being saved 90 degrees wrong. In the camera and then loaded on the computer the same way. So if I save a pic with a landscape orientation it turns 90 and becomes a portrait orientation, and portraits look upside down. A pain in the ass when viewing on the back and manually rotating them for editing on CD is even more... annoying. Especially with like 3-500 images in a shoot. Even with a hundred it was really annoying. I suspect that the sensor that knows which way the camera was oriented was put back in wrong or has failed.

I spoke with Henry's where I got it. This was back in early January. They said that it was going to be really long to get it sent and back from Canon as all the Xmas returns would be lengthening the delay in repairing. Suggested if I could still shoot with it to return it at the end of February ish. So I took it in to the Masonville store yesterday and the guy said that it certainly was a better time to send it in.

But the more interesting bit of news was that if the body fails for a third time, Canon would give me a new body I wasn't aware if it, but with the new 12MP XSi in the pipes, if there were no more new XTi's rolling around then I would get an XSi. LiveView, DigicIII... now that would be cool except for the fact that it takes SD cards (wtf?), and the battery grip and batteries are not the same anymore. The reason I got the XTi after the XT was the upgrade path was logical and accessories match. Now its not as clear a choice unless it's 'free'.

More info on the XSi on the Canon USA site (which looks better than the equivalent Canadian one). Henry's is supposed to have it in April.

I can shoot with the XT, and or my Stylus (which I actually have come to like despite it being quirky). I shot Raven with it and enjoyed the wider angle and the diff vibe it gave me. But for now I am without my main camera. Hopefully not long till it's back. I have ideas and clients for next month and want a solid camera to shoot with.

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