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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Kait, Willow, #1

I met Kait through seeing a photo of her on Facebook at an Elton John concert. Within a couple of moments, I found out she had already been interested in shooting with me.  After not too long, we met up  and shot some quick icebreaker portraits in a park. She had never posed before, but after she got over a bit of nerves at first, I found she was a natural.  Already looking forward to our next shoot when some new awesome ink is healed. I saw a preview that day and it is quite cool.

Kait, Willow, #2

Kait, Willow, #3

Kait, The Finger

Kait, Leaning

Kait, Bridge #1

Kait, Bridge #2

Kait, Bridge #3


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Jasmine said...

Great photos. She is very pretty.