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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Delta's new in-flight safety video

This is Delta Airlines new in flight safety video. Apparently it has become a huge hit and has caused Katherine Lee, the attendant featured in it, to have her 15mins of fame.

It has a jazzy soundtrack and passes on the usual information, but in a modern way. No cartoons or slide shows or grainy VCR recordings played 12000 times.

And it is tough to take your eyes off the 33 yr old red head who is a trainer at the airline's HQ in Atlanta. Especially when she gives a playful wag of her finger at 1:51 in the video when letting people know there is no smoking allowed.

She has been dubbed Deltalina, a play on Angelina after her full lips and cheek bones which she does share with the actress. And with the combination of her southern accent and red hair, Katherine put Angelina to shame.

Originally found via the Daily Source Code podcast, though I can't recall the episode. Somewhere in the 730-740 range.


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