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Friday, March 21, 2008

Edition four dot one

How did i get to this age? heheh. :)

There is too much running around involved with making self portraits. But I told Alex I would shoot and post one birthday image. I used the Olympus PnS -since I am still without the XTi, and was up for a creative exercise. I figured I would do it as a triptych. Made the running around 2/3s more worth it. Almost. :)

If I had to wait till 41 to get the best presents, then it was worth it.

Tusen takk for gaven, Alexandra. :)


Mike Wood Photography

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Carmi said...

It only gets better from here, Mike. May the coming year be full of only good stuff for ya.

Oh, and in answer to your question: we get a a certain age when we're busy having fun and not watching the clock or the calendar. At least that's what my grandfather taught me when I was a kid :)