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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

web site updates

Trees on a Snowy Hill

Updated my web presence here and there in the past few days to keep it all current.

Tweaked the profile on my DA page. I am debating deleting it as I don't post pictures to it due to image uploads needing to be done one by one and a 'group' selected at the time of posting. But several of my fav models like Jaclyn have pages on there, and to comment their images, I need an account...

Tweaked slightly the profile and added about 40 photos on my Myspace page, and posted a bulletin about doing it. That generated a few hits on the blog here, but not a whole lot of traffic.

The profile edits were really needed on both, especially on the DA which hadn't been modified in 2 years! Main edit, aside from email addresses and pointers to here and my main page, was that I have dialed down TFCD work with models. Unless it is a personal project I think the model would be great for, or the model really really interests me as a subject, more and more of my work is paid work and will continue to be going forward.

Being compensated for my work - and especially my time - is something I am all about. There was another blog post I read recently that outlined it better, but photographers shoot 10% of the time, 60% is related to editing, and the balance to networking and other business admin - like web site updates and blogging. You may not think so at first blush, but blogging does get the word out there! :) Regardless, I just don't have the time anymore (especially with the editing involved) to do many freebies for friends and aspiring models - though it never hurts to ask. You never know. :)

I kept my friend and web designer Jesse C busy last weekend too. He included a fourth gallery on my web site to show landscapes and other select images from my travels and explorations. It's not my prime focus, but I am fond of some of the images and several people have expressed interest in purchasing them. He changed the entry page to a single non rotating image (Leia's "Nothing in the Distance") which you can click on to enter instead of the three that used to switch up on each visit. That 'speeded up' initial loading of the page as well. :)

Jesse added a couple of testimonials from Mindy and Corey too (thanks for writing them!). Someone interested in a couple of photoshoots with me had mentioned in a meeting that reading the endorsements from clients and models were the tipping point in her hiring me, so I thought I would keep those as up to date as possible.

Thanks for all the great help Jesse! And all the back and forth emails too! :D

Just trying to keep it all fresh. Not spring cleaning. But I think it will certainly last well into the spring.

Now back to editing. And wishing for the call to happen telling me my camera is back from Canon! I edited the hell out of the following image of my friend Alexandra when 'bored'. Liquify was my friend.... :P No one wants to see me do it again.... So Canon: Get To It! :)

Troll Alex


Mike Wood Photography

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