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Monday, March 17, 2008

Wiki HR

Going.... Going...

Checking referrals on my Flickr page, I noticed that one of my images shot a couple of years ago on Canada Day, has been linked on the London Majors Wiki entry. The Majors are a semi pro Intercounty Baseball League team here in London, Ontario. Nothing oooh aaaah about the image, just thought that was cool. :) Was the first time I have seen that.

Someone asked me if I should complain. Naw it's Wikipedia, and it's a link. So it's all good. I was looking at Wikipedia the other day, and thinking it would be cool to have an entry on there. I guess that's a start. :)

And it was the first and only time I have tried shooting baseball to this point. The one thing I recall is that timing is everything. This shot below was the result of maybe shooting 2o frames while the Toronto player was at bat. Makes you realize how tough it would be to do that day in and out. I imagine every bit as much as satisfying as shooting models though.



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