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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Currently Booking photoshoots into May/June

If you are interested in hiring me for a photoshoot for the remainder of this month, and going into May/June get in touch now and don't leave it till the last minute! The longer you wait, the tighter my booking schedule is going to become. I have a couple of large creative projects this year which are going to occupy some time, and the time of a few models, so I need to plan well in advance as much as is practical for everyone concerned.

Why talk to me now about pictures a month or six weeks or more from now? Well, to clarify - as someone recently asked, scheduling shoots is not often a instant activity. Calling me in the morning and asking me to shoot your pictures that afternoon is often a tight turn around time. Like buying presents on December 24th, that might not be the best plan. :)

Consider the following (which I have expanded on on my web site, but is worth repeating): there is an initial meet up, planning, preparation, possible location scouting and such to do before I actually take your photos. Then there is the editing, post production and printing of your images. What comes before and happens after, often take much longer than the time we shoot photos. I will always work hard to fit you in to a time that will benefit both of us, but often that is not on the same day as you initially getting in touch with me. There are great benefits in taking the time to get to know you, even briefly. It directly translates into better pictures for you and satisfying your needs as a client. :)

So if you are interested in hiring me for photos now that spring has sprung, and it's all warm and sunny out, let me know soon.

Additionally, lead times for wedding photography are much much larger if someone is considering inquiring about that. I don't do them often, but I have had quite a few people interested and I am already booking into June 2009 for weddings and engagement photos. :)

Hope to hear from you soon!


Mike Wood Photography

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