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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pink Ravens

Pink Raven #2

Pink Raven #1

Shot on location with my Olympus Stylus when the Canon DSLR was toast earlier in the year. I don't really shoot with it at all, so I liked the challenge of producing usable shots with it. The colours turned out quite vibrant in this shoot, and the pink chest wrap had to be in colour. It was, after all, the whole point behind the session.

I was commenting to someone the other day that I usually shoot nudes or fully clothed images. Nothing really in between. It was an interesting change to shoot a pin up lingerie series with Raven. With her unique sense of style, however, it's tough to not get usable images. :)

They are certainly not Maxim. Certainly shows there perhaps needs to be an alt Maxim? :)


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