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Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring floods

Down the stairs

Local rivers, swollen from rapid spring thaws in the past few days, have presented some cool opportunities for shots. These steps normally go town to the first tee of a miniature golf course near the intersection of Windermere and Adelaide here in London, Ontario.

The nearby stream - which branches off from a bend in the Thames River a bit East of there, was about 30m past the banks and about 1- 1.5m deep at that point when I shot this on the afternoon of the 2nd April, 2008.

I was heading home after running an errand and saw lots of slow traffic up ahead on Adelaide. The cars were crawling by all the flood waters in the soccer fields, and Windermere Rd was closed with barricades both directions at Adelaide due to water across the road.

I only had the Olympus and knew with the sun and water reflections a circular polarizer would be needed so I quickly got home and changed into shorts and headed back out with the DSLR. the shorts because despite it being still only about 10C, if I got in the water to get a good angle, it was deep enough jeans couldnt just be rolled up.

I shot several locations going between the mini golf / Waltzing Weasel pub (which had a disaster clean up truck out front) and Kipps Lane and then walked back up the West side of Adelaide again. West side meant shooting into the sun so those shots were not as successful, but the amount of water everywhere was just staggering. And just 24 hrs later the ground was still soaked and muddy but the standing water was pretty much all gone.


Mike Wood Photography

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Chris said...

Ah yes Ontario wetness. Memories of my parents sump punk conking out in the middle of the night, walkind down to the basement in the morning seeing the carpet floating. Here in Glasgow, we get just as much rain, but they seem to have the drainage thing figured out. But my flat is one up from ground level just in case.