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Sunday, May 11, 2008

A picture is worth 75,000 needles

The tattoo is from an image I shot in October 2007 titled Nothing in the Distance. Taken in Port Burwell Ontario. Model: Leia D. The tattoo was done yesterday afternoon by the incredible Anthony V at True Love Tattoos on Wharncliffe Road here in London.

The reason why I selected this image was as follows. On one hand it was perhaps one of a very small selection of images from 2007 that I felt was really really really good. I received a good deal of positive feedback on it - about 5000 views and 180 comments on my flickr page for example. Its a very simple image of a girl looking out over the calm shallow waters of Lake Erie. Not a cloud in the sky. And cropped, it fit well on my arm. :)

It is an illustration, pun sort of intended, of what I accomplished last year: When I chose to take a crack at photography over cubicle land. When I grew as an artist - and I find it amusing that I describe myself that way sometimes.. :) It could also be an inspiration and reminder to me to keep on trucking with photography. Her looking over the lake could equally be me looking to the future - just with a better butt. :)

On the other hand, like many tattoos, it could mark an end point in that period of my life. Where it is positioned, on the inside of my forearm, it could just as easily be looking into the past... Photography is tough to make a go of. I am pretty sure, without a real studio, that I can't make a go of it as is. As a side line? For sure I can. And can do well as an artist selling my prints. But a day in and day out photographer? Perhaps not. London is too small a market, and despite all the love and admiration my work generally gets ( and I am sincerely humbled and flattered by), that doesn't always translate into cash in hand. Perhaps I am not marketing myself right or something. Who knows...

Anyhow... I have no regrets about the last 12 months or so. And now, thanks to Anthony's hand, I have another great reminder of the year gone by. I enjoyed 2007 immensely and my passion for photography isn't diminished one iota. But without more constant cash coming in, it will sadly be for the time being, not my main source of income.

I look at it this way: lots of artists had to take non artistic jobs to pay the bills. And I am not too proud to do that. :) Just need to figure out who is going to hire me!!! It will also allow me to work on more purely creative endeavors and make each one of those count.

PS: anyone who is still thinking of hiring me to shoot your images ( or has recently done so) please don't hesitate to get in touch. Depending on my work hours I can and will certainly shoot your images. It will just be on more selective dates and less spur of the moment than before...

And heck, you will be part of a very selective clientèle. :)

Carpe Diem.

Nothing in the Distance


Mike Wood Photography

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