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Monday, May 12, 2008

My sent email being marked as Spam

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately for some reason, my email (the mikewoodphoto at Gmail dot com) is being flagged more and more as spam.

If you contact me via it, or via my website contact page, make sure you add me to your allow list or mark that email address as not spam etc . This especially goes for Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc users. Seems to happen more for webmail users than others - and thats the majority of users.

It doesnt happen all the time - which is perhaps the most maddening part. Some people get the emails right off, but others never do -such as the gallery I emailed three times last month and only found out via a phone call today that it never got received by them.

I apologize to anyone who has contacted me via that account and and has not heard back from me. I am suspecting that I have had a dozen or so jobs disappear on me in the past six weeks as my replies back to their inquiries were never received by the people interested. Or ended in their spam bucket mixed in with the Viagra and other junk

I can't describe how frustrated I am right now...


Mike Wood Photography

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Anonymous said...

Some things come to my mind which may be useful for your email account:

Filters are supposed to override the spam folder for incoming email. You can use this two ways:

1) Ask people to use a magic word in the subject line; or

2) Give out an address in the form for which you created a friendly filter that examines the "To" field.

Inserting +MAGICWORDS into your email address might also be a nice way to identify the source of new business: found through the web; a public exhibition; or handed a business card?