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Friday, June 6, 2008

Early June updates

Along with my quest to be gainfully employed, I am working on sourcing a prop for an upcoming shoot.

I need a Victorian style claw foot bathtub. And no not the one on the top floor of TAP where everyone and their mom has shot: this one I need to be able to easily fill then drain later. The TAP one would be ideal, but I can't really afford to rent the space and risk it leaking. If I can transport it somewhere and return it that's cool too. And I know they are damn heavy! The house I grew up in in Toronto had one, and I curse the day contractors had to be cut in half to get it out of the bathroom when renovations were done!

I am also looking for a decrepit, run down, or industrial location where I could possibly shoot the tub (if the tub can be moved or the location where it is currently can't be dressed up). Also a second location: a really ghetto house/apartment kitchen. Think: students just moved out and had not cleaned all year or similarly abandoned and trashed.

As a side note, I have had two coincidental photoshoot requests in the past 10 days or so. Both models (who don't know each other as far as I know) were initially hesitant to approach me because they didn't want to weird me out (or whatever current slang would be).

Both concepts involved some D/s and or some rope work. Both are really cool to shoot if done artistically, and if anyone else is wondering who can shoot something like that for you, get in touch. I have shot subject matter/concepts like a couple of times with Meaghan - and one just recently that I have only just begun to edit with Corey. I find that exploring the edgier stuff on occasion has stretched my creative envelope - in the same way as when I started to do nudes a few years ago.

I do have a limit as to what I will shoot, but as long as it's artistic and people are willing participants then it is all good so far. It doesn't hurt to ask. The worst thing I will say is no.


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