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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nadine and the elbow

Framing your Subject, 2008

Nadine fell and hit her elbow recently and is now sporting a 'cracked' right elbow at the moment. :( Pace yourself with left handed texting and get better Nadine! :)

I also added Like, Dislike, and Cool reaction buttons to the bottom of my blog posts. I did it in a few seconds. Facebook has not added a Dislike button in years despite millions of requests. 

More. Advanced. Than. Facebook.



Jasmine said...

Get better Nadine. :)

I have those button things at the bottom of my blog, but they never get used. :/

Mike Wood said...

maybe you should mention it in a post. I wouldn't expect it used much but it is easier than signing in and making a comment for some people.

Jasmine said...

Hmm. I believe I did mention it. I was probably ignored. :P