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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Starbucks and TAP Photos Update

Got word this week that I will have a full month (Dec 7, 2008 to Jan 4, 2009) when my images will be up - and I hopefully sell a few - in the Richmond and Central Starbucks location here in London. I had to provide my top three months when I would like to be in there, and I got my first pick.

The space is one wall that is 11 feet 2 inches in length (3.35meters) and can accommodate pieces that are up to 4 feet 6 inches in height (1.42 meters). There is room for 1 to 5 pieces depending upon the size of the work. Certainly I won't be going for one massive piece, but I need to narrow it down to about 4 I think. And given that it is a family friendly environment I will have to select some images more appropriate to that venue.

Those images will be different than the ones that I will be selecting for inclusion in the Visual Fringe show at the Arts Project July 31st to August 10th, 2008. I gave the Fringe this week the image they are going to include in the program this week, and have started to work on a mini bio for the show (and another similar one for the Starbucks show). For those who know me, 'mini' writing isn't my forté and it was a bit of a challenge to get it down to a couple of tight paragraphs and or longer sentences. But I have workable copy that I can set aside till when its almost needed now. And then probably re-do it completely. :)

For both venues, I really dont have a specific idea what I will be putting up, but I am going to spend some time this month narrowing it down to 10 and then 5 images for the Visual fringe, to give time for framing in early July so they will be ready to go on the drop off date.

I have had helpful suggestions from friends for what to include in both locations, and am working on new images for the Starbucks which I have just begun to shoot this month but any input is welcome. :)

I am going to check out the Starbucks location later today, and have sent an inquiry to the coordinator of that show to get an idea of what has worked/sold there before -if that information is available. But in any case, I imagine it will be some high contrast BW work. :)


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