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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Spam emails

I think the majority come from one or two sources as they tend to all be similar. A quick glance just now, and over 60 % of them were for fake designer watches. Then the usual penis friendly herbals. Sometimes the majority are more banking and mortgages. Or all the blue pill emails. Seems to go in cycles though.

And they are amusing: "Coyote discuss this with their doctor Children" was one subject. What the hell does that mean. :)

And the poorest spelling I have seen was in this one. Though perhaps it was intentional to get through Spam filters - though it didn't work in this case:

Indugle yoursefl wiht an elegnat tiem peice htat is metciulous in desgin, exquiiste in styel, adn rcih in beatuy!

Looking to byu yoru pratner or loevd noe a beuatiful igft?
Or amybe jsut to erward youreslf wiht a igft ofr onec?

We haev oevr 5000 Repilca produtcs in sotck ranigng rfom Rolxe, Cratier and Brietling watcehs, to Gucic and Luois Vuittno Bgas at hevaily discuonted rpices!

All ordesr aer shipped vai Epxress Coureir deliveyr to nesure fats adn promtp deilvery.

Etner ORU HSOP ehre

Gots to get me one of those Rolxe watches. I hear they are gooder than the rest. :P

PS still burning DVD Backups. :)


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