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Saturday, August 16, 2008

1,000,000 views on Flickr

climbing green

My Flickr page, which I started in February of 2005 with the above image, hit 1,000,000 views a few minutes ago. Not bad for 3yrs 5mo 26dy or 181 weeks or 1,831,680 minutes -roughly. :)

I now average about 3500-4500 page views per week on Flickr. And somewhere around 12-13000 image views. Though it does ebb and flow with the tide. And it crawled upwards so incredibly slow for the last 1300 page views on the six digit side of a million. A watched Flickr never boils!

Most of the time I love Flickr, but there are times when I loath it with their lowest common denominator flowers and kittens policies - and their code rolls/lack of communication that wreck groups... But that - and the total bizarreness of the crappy images that get in Explore aside, I really do believe it is the finest photos sharing site anywhere ever.

The quality of amateur and pro photographers who share their work on there is fantastic. I have seen so much and been inspired by so many on Flickr I can't even begin to think of one individual. I have made some great friendships with people like Alexandra in Oslo, and shared ideas and techniques with many others. And have been in the unusual position of others looking up to me for my work and being inspired by it.

The most recent two shots of the 2472 images I have posted on there are these of Mindy shot last month down by the Thames river here in London, Ontario.

Canadian Hiker
Canadian Hiker, 2008

Steps to the Thames
Just steps to the Thames, 2008

I couldn't have imagined in that winter of 2005, shooting with my old Olympus PnS, that I would be soon photographing gorgeous women like this on a regular basis - let alone ever. Or would someday have my images in a gallery, be working on content for my second public display in the winter, or be shooting nudes, portraits, football and the occasional wedding... I have learned so so much. And continue to learn every single day.

I have realized, perhaps, that I am more fine art photographer and not so commercial, and that suits me fine. As long as it pays now and then. And as long as I get the results I want. And as long as I continue to get the smiles on the faces of those I shoot. :)

Thanks for your support everyone. Been fun so far.


Mike Wood Photography

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Mike: I've been looking for a photographer to give me some design feedback on my website (modellocate dot com). Your input would be valued, if available.