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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dead snakes

Leaning in Ruins #2, 2008

I was driving down past the abandoned farm ruins where I shot Violet in June as well as the close up of the snake... It's gone. Flattened. Was there on a Friday and toast on a Sunday. So I guess another subdivision is soon going to eat the last large tract of open land left in the North part of the city. There are "Possible Land Use Change" signs all around there now. I had actually found another use for the place - was going to shoot Miss Lizzz in there - and drove by to check it out. Too little too late.

I also decided to check out the new Creekside subdivision very close to me off of Fanshawe near Highbury. I shot Kat and Corey there in April 2007 (the below image). We had to get out and walk probably 200m or more from where we parked down a narrow footpath on an overgrown, and long fallow field to the treeline and creek where we shot. Nice and rustic. Quiet.

Gypsy Kat #2, 2007

When I went there on Sunday, I could park on fresh ashfalt and walk 50 feet to roughly that same spot. Well, not quite the same spot, as that treeline and the creek area have been wrecked. And the creek itself is now more of a spillway and no longer natural. Really makes me sad.

Sub division or sub destruction, 2008

Sun was setting and it was a break in the rain. I walked around in the thick and occasionally soupy construction mud which at times reminded me vaguely of the bottom of the Bay of Fundy. I managed to shoot some of the yellow Cats and Komatsus, and lime green Terex landscaping vehicles all parked in a row. Quiet and waiting to finish their masters' bidding.

Future Through Steet, 2008

Not really a nice place anymore, but some good images despite my Olympus Stylus point and shoot having focusing problems. Might be a function of the zoom as at certain lengths it wont lock. A real pisser that too.

Crikey! that (was) ah Snake!, 2008

Glad I got this once in its lifetime pic. At least it carries on even if the snake probably doesnt.


Mike Wood Photography

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swile67 said...

This is poignant. Glad you captured it. It makes me sad losing all the green space to developers.