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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First show is done

Thanks to everyone who came to visit my images in the Arts Project gallery here in London from the 1st-10th of August. It was interesting to have my images in a gallery. It was cool having friends come and see my work on opening night and I received some kind words and positive feedback here and there on the work which was quite nice. And, perhaps more importantly, I learned a great deal from the opportunity.

What comes to mind initially, in no particular order are:
  • presentation and layout
  • sizes of prints,
  • price points
  • and of course 'location location location'.
Presentation. I didn't think that I would be so compressed. And that the images would be hung so close together. I will have more specific instructions for hanging next time or do it myself. And hopefully mock it up better to know how it looks first.

Sizes. I felt 8x10s and 5x7s framed would be a good combination, but they were dwarfed by most of the other pieces. Visually, I think my layout was not the best. It was the plan B layout, and could have been better. Plan A had them all in a row but the spot wouldnt allow for it. And would have been much better if it was all 8x10s with perhaps even larger sizes.

Price. Mine were not the cheapest or the most expensive images. One large painting was $5000.00 and there were many paintings well over $300.00. Well above mine. And several photographs by others were undervalued I felt. I am by no means an expert, but I need to think more on this and visit more local galleries.

Location. I had wanted one particular section of wall in the gallery that I felt would get initial foot traffic. Inside on the right. Good for a nice counter-clock flow around the gallery with my images being hit up nearly first. I was asked for where I wanted and I got it. It was a little more squished than I thought it would be though. And sandwiched between two large pieces that really bracketed my work and I felt took away from it.

For the next show, wherever it is going to be, I will have a better grasp on what I would like, not like, and what to ask for and what to maybe push back on.

I really enjoyed being at the Arts Project this month. I took a lot away from this. And that might be the most important thing of all.


Mike Wood Photography

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