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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Migrant Mother

Migrant Mother © Dorothea Lange

This image, which is a quite famous one for those not familiar with it, was shot by noted American photographer Dorothea Lange for the Farm Security Administration in February 1936 in Nipomo California. There are some quite poignant images to come out of those commissioned photos and PBS is doing a show on it which is airing tonite at midnite on the PBS station in Detroit. the NYT article I linked to has different airing info. But in Detroit its tonite at 12 and I have it set to record.

Additionally, images like this one area available for free - in high res easy enough to print at home - from the Library of Congress. Something worth checking out I think. Though if you took it to Costco to get printed you might have a tough time convincing them you were allowed to do it and not breaking any copyright by doing so. :)

Found via Shoot the Blog which I have had over on the blogroll on the right for some time.


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