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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Your key words are: Search Engine is back. Sort of

I just listened to the web only Season 2, Ep1 of CBC Radio's Search Engine. Well I guess it is not CBC Radio even though I am sure it comes under the programming umbrella of radio. It used to be on CBC Radio 1 and occasionally on Sirius Ch 137 as well (I think). But now as those venues were pulled for budgetary reasons, its just web only now as a podcast (new shows on Monday mornings) and a daily blog. Both of which are fine by me.

Jesse Brown, the host/producer, is great and down to earth, and if any of his old show are an indication, his solo production should be still quite good. I look forward to hearing more episodes.

For those not in the know, this is from the WikiPedia entry on the show - which the show uses as the official "about us":

Search Engine first aired on September 6, 2007. It discusses Internet phenomena. Unlike other shows, however, Search Engine concentrates on ways in which the Internet influences other aspects of life and culture. Though much of the subject matter he deals with is serious, Brown generally takes a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek approach to his material.

Every episode begins with a set of keywords - teaser phrases that summarize the major stories for that episode. The term "keyword" ties into the name of the show as something a search engine uses to categorize things of importance. Other Internet terms are regularly invoked and adapted to the purpose of attempting to describe unusual or unprecedented technology-related cultural phenomena.

The program runs for one half hour. Usually there are three in-depth stories, each of which is separated by a clip of Creative Commons licensed music. Other, smaller topics may be interspersed. Often these consist of updates on past stories, or addresses to the listeners about the show itself.

The entry needs updating as it does not reference the new format. I am sure a fan will do that soon - as it's bad form to edit your own entry on Wikipedia. :)


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