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Friday, October 24, 2008

the blue and orange

blue and orange, 2008

Driving back from delivering photos, I took the scenic route and came across this massive tree in someone's front yard on a rural road just South East of London. It stood out so much from it's relatively uninspiring brethren in the late afternoon sun that I had to pull over and have a look.

I walked around it for several minutes composing and shooting and trying to get a vibrant empty blue sky. Circular polarizers are great for that at certain angles. This was shot at about 70 degrees vertical and about 100-130 degrees from the sun.

As I walked back to my car 50m down the road ( so I wouldn't have the car in any potential shots), the property owner drove into his driveway under the tree and collected his mail. I rolled up to him and lowered the window and told him he had the best tree I had seen all year. He was surprised I was telling him this I think, and looked up at it a couple of times and said thanks. :)

I shoot black and white all the time, but situations like this demand colour. This is the uncropped shot too.


Mike Wood Photography

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