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Friday, October 10, 2008

Daily Dose of Architecture

La chiesa di Longarone
Architect - Giovanni MIchelucci
© KMGough (used with permission)

When browsing houses after chatting with Nadine, I came across the Daily Dose of Architecture blog. The author is based out of NYC and has a great and eclectic series of posts full of images, designs, and plans and has an accompanying group on Flickr.

Most images on the blog are listed as all rights reserved by the original posters on Flickr, so I contacted one of the photographers whose work had appeared there - KMGough - and was kindly granted permission to use the very cool image here. When its an ARR image, I always try to obtain permission before using. It's what I would like done for my work. And it's only fair. But it happens so infrequently amongst bloggers.

There are some great shots worth browsing on the blog and on the Flickr group, so if you are a fan of buildings and architecture, check it out.


Mike Wood Photography

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