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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to October.

Been dreadfully under the weather over the last weekend and up till about yesterday. Bad cold n cough n lots of fun. Second one in a month. Really socked me in. Had to cancel two photo shoots. And given I have not shot much of anything shoot wise since the wedding a couple weeks ago (editing editing...) you know I was sick if I cancelled. Hate doing that.

But seem to be a bit better now just as the weather turns colder. It is October now. Can't deny it won't be all down hill temp wise from here... Hate that too.

I will get back to regular postings, but while house bound, I read about the Canon 5D mkII that weighs in at 21MP and does video in HD through any lens. Though the video is kinda gimmiky given the fact that pros would use a dedicated video camera. But still. :)

I also just checked out a fantastic online comic strip called What The Duck. Which is about a duck that is a photographer, is drawn in three panels and has some excellent commentary and observations on the craft. If you are not a photographer it might not be as funny - like if you didnt work in a cube farm you wouldnt get Dilbert as much, but I think I could have linked to dozens of them. :) I put a perm link on the side for this page. Cool stuff. I could spend hours reading the strips. :)

If you are a photographer you need to check these comics out. Now! :)


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