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Saturday, November 1, 2008

November steam

November steam, 2008

The city has contracted a company to resurface about 3-400m of road outside my place in the north part of London. Supposed to take about two weeks though they seem to be proceeding quickly. Probably because they are beginning so damn early. Starting yesterday, all three lanes had been ripped up so it was like driving on a cheese grater and traffic was bottle necked all day. The sound of cars going by was like a snow plow truck doing it's thing all night too.

This morning, the Eastbound lane is completely resurfaced with fresh asphalt, the Eastbound turning lane - pictured above- is about half done, and it's only the one closest to my driveway that is unsurfaced.

Big trucks and the construction equipment are making glasses vibrate on shelves in the kitchen as if there were, uh vibrating things on the shelves. Hopefully they will be done soon. It's nice out but too noisy to open any sunny street facing windows for the traffic noise and constant beeps of equipment backing up...


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