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Friday, December 5, 2008

Corey Outdoors #1

Amongst trees , 2008

Corey and I wanted to shoot some outdoor nude images. Well I did, and I knew my super friend and model Corey is always up for that so we headed to a small treed area on the north edge of the city near my place. This was when it was still quite warm outside. Not in December... :)

The trees were on the edge of a farmer's field where the corn was pretty much good to go and I hoped we didn't need to go too deep into the forest to find a good spot for shooting.

As it happened, a short way down a footpath we came across this dead tree stripped of its bark and well attacked by woodpeckers and standing out from all the others in the area. It was in a small clearing that was used by local kids to party given the fire pit and beer cans and other crap.

As the mosquitoes were getting the better of one of us - the one who had less clothes on and had declined the bug spray... it was a brief shoot. But a really good one. Looking at these pics a couple of months later, makes me wish I lived in a warmer climate. Summer is so short here.

Amongst trees, #2, 2008

Amongst trees #3, 2008

Amongst trees #4, 2008

In search of the Black Sox, 2008


Mike Wood Photography

** For those of you on Facebook reading this, I removed the images as they contain nudity. Check out the actual post on my blog.

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