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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Film Scan

Boat 11, 1988

A low res film scan of a shot I made in about 1988. A Metropolitan Toronto Police Service Marine Unit boat is passing through the Western Gap of Toronto Harbour with the Toronto Island Airport control tower in the background. Image was taken from the seawall from the South side of Bathurst Quay (behind Canada Malting).

According to the archive on, C & C Marine Svc & Recovery of Toronto purchased the former police boat MTP 11 in October of 2000.

It was shot when I lived in Toronto and worked on the waterfront. At the time I used to do security for Harbourfront Centre - and eventually became head of the department. I didn't carry my camera with me at work, but I have always enjoyed being around water, ships, and the lakes so I would often on my days off wander down around the area.

The camera was a 35mm Nikon FG SLR that was a present a couple of years before from my parents for Christmas or my birthday. I know it was winter at any rate and it was bought from Blacks Camera.

I dont have many scans of that time, though I do have a lot of the film. I just gtabbed a few strips at random earlier in the year for scanning and when archiving pics last week I came across the CD. If I could get my hands on a high res film scanner I would do up more. Scanning it in at a commercial place by a blue vest wearing part timer who doesnt know the resolution or outputted file sizes of the scans isnt great. But I wanted to try it out.

I know there are quite a few good pictures kicking around. And quite a few not so artistic shots, but they are still fun to look at. At least to me anyhow. :) Maybe I will post a few more another time.

And yeah. I was a Nikon man once, shhhhh :)


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