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Monday, May 18, 2009

Blue and Onions

Blue and Onions, 2009

Russian Orthodox Church of Christ the Saviour here in London Ontario. Built in 1959.

It was a blue sky kind of day yesterday. I went for a short drive to clear my mind and redeem myself after a disheartening photographic setback the day before. It was really quite windy and cold for May - like 40F / 8C and so after a quick foray into the countryside, and an in car lunch with a green thumb friend, I headed back through town and came across this church - located close to where I now live.

I had first seen this church about 13 years ago when I first visited London, and thought about photographing it at the time- but that was in my 'not really into photography' days. The only angle at the time I liked wouldn't work for a good exposure as it was slightly up hill, always facing South into the sun, had power lines in the way and so on.

Well yesterday and 13 years later, I decided to give it a go and found this relatively square structure has impressive entrances on all sides. And this particular angle, framed with the trees and free of power lines, is much more appealing than the one I wanted before. I beleive it is the front entrance of the building too given the placement /orientation of the building sign on the lawn (not visible).

Checking the church's web site just now, mine is similar to the official image they use. Though mine is perhaps a little better. :) However, check out the construction images of the church they posted. They are pretty cool.


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Anonymous said...

I lived next door in the 3 story walk up until I was 13. Trust me, the singing on Saturday morning? Not as pretty as the church.

Jo (too lazy to sign in)