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Friday, May 29, 2009

CBC cuts jobs & trashes schedule

CBC announced that they are cutting up to 158 jobs from the English language service and more to come. Familiar faces and voices like Don Newman, Brian Stewart, John McGrath... Gone.

That's just brutal. My thoughts go out to the CMG employees at the CBC who got cut ( or made redundant) and those left behind who will try to pick up the slack. I have listened to and watched the CBC in all provinces but one -PEI, and the local flavour, mixed with the national reporting will be missed.

Shows on the radio were eliminated, so the afternoon is pretty much all repeats now ( no matter what CBC radio programming director Chris Boyce says in this story
"It's not just repeats. We think it's a very vibrant interesting block of programming." But in fairness its just like the evenings currently repeating the mornings.

Local noon programming is now down to an hour, they kill off The Point, The Inside Track, and Outfront, and yet they keep that brutally annoying Wiretap. DNTO seems to be shrinking again too. No word on the Vinyl Cafe. No word on CBC Radio 3 or their Sirius contributions in general.

I guess the recent slogan "Canada Lives Here" that they have been using isn't exactly true anymore. Shame. Canada did live here.


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