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Friday, May 29, 2009

Best Ratings book ever for CBC Radio and still cuts.

Gary Sandy as Andy Travis on WKRP

So in a follow up to my last blog post, I find it quite interesting and ironic that on Q this morning Jian announced that CBC radio - and his program Q too of course - had the best ratings book ever. Did CBC radio programming director Chris Boyce not know the book was coming out this week? Surely he did. Even WKRP's Andy Travis knew when the book was coming out. Don't you think Boyce will get more flack for his choices now? If not, he should.

Edit#1: My friend Amanda suggested he in all likelyhood did know it was coming out and he canned the people before it did as it would be a tougher sell to do so after the fact. Even Colder.

I sent a comment on this to the Q web form and got an error after submitting it. Oh well. Maybe the web designer got laid off too.

Edit #2: I did get eventually an autoresponder email from the Q mailbox saying they had received it. Doubt the letter will be read on the air tho.


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