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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nude Mona Lisa

Read over on the Discovery Channel that a painting has surfaced that may very well based on a lost work of Leonardo DaVinci. It appears to be a nude version of the Mona Lisa.

"The frontal look, the position of the hands, the spatial conception of the landscape, with columns at the sides, show a clear link with the Mona Lisa's iconographic theme," Alessandro Vezzosi, director of the the Museo Ideale in the Tuscan town of Vinci, was quoted as saying in the Discovery article.

He goes on to say that the theory goes that there are at least six nude version which are very close to being Da Vinci's. All are attributed to the Da Vinci school. The most likely scenario is that his followers got inspired by a now-lost original.

Is it just me, or are there no nipples in that painting?

Perhaps I was unintentionally channeling the master when I created this early last year:

Amy. Torso, 2008

The intention behind my image was that Amy wanted to send a pic with no nipples to one of her friends. Reason being, she said, was that's how most DVD movie covers are no matter what girls are wearing. G rated and nipple free. None showing. It was an amusing thing to try. No subtle messages or sub texts to the image. :) I did like the marble sculpture/Holga feel to the post work though.

** People seeing this on Facebook will not be able to see the nude image above. You will have to check it out on the post on my blog.


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