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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dim Sum at Hong Ping

I went to Hong Ping on Horton St. for Dim Sum with Megan and her husband James. We were pretty much the first ones in the place and ordered like we had just walked out of the desert. We ordered so much that the owner actually asked us if we were sure we wanted that much food. I think we had maybe 12 items ordered, but they have large quantities per serving. More so than I remember when I used to go with Cory and the gang in Toronto to that place on Eglinton near Avenue Road.

He even came back at one point and asked us if we were sure again. Convinced us to knock off a couple of dishes as we had doubles of a couple of things. Everything was good. BBQ pork buns and the sesame buns with the bean paste stuff were awesome. Couple of items were enormous -like the beef meatballs. We thought, ok, like maybe an inch across. They were more like 3 inches across. and we had ordered six of them! And I would pass on those next time.

To say that we left full was an understatement. Stuffed. Have not eaten that much in years. Well worth it. We paid $20 each and really if we had ordered a normal amount of food it would have been closer to $15. We got some take out boxes for the remainders too.

Hopefully I feel like moving later and Megan can get through her rehearsal for the play Nine Ives she is in at the Spriet Theatre this week.

Hong Ping
339 Horton Street East (across from the old GW Beef)
London, ON
N6B 1L6
Opens at 11am on Sundays.


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