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Monday, August 3, 2009

Now selling prints on!

Abandoned barn wrapped in fog

I recently created a page on to sell my prints. Most prints, such as the one above, can be purchased as Greeting Cards, Matted Prints, Laminated Prints, Mounted Prints, Canvas Prints and Framed Prints of various dimensions - some quite large! seems pretty cool, and so far I have only posted a small selection of work to my page there - about 20 images: a couple of nudes, some landscapes, rural images and so on. Initially, I am trying to find a cross section of the work I do and there will be more to come.

Additionally, if anyone is appearing in the images I am clearing it with them first prior to posting the shots for sale (unless they had OK'd it before) - and am giving them a cut too! So it's easier to post mountains n barns while waiting on responses from people. :)

Check out the site and check back regularly. I will post new work frequently. Or until I have maxed out my uploads or something - no idea on that aspect yet. :)

And if you were looking for something in particular and it is available, let me know. I can always upload it.


Mike Wood Photography

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joobrien said...

Glad to have you on RedBubble Mike, you have some great images! And you can upload until your heart is content - there are no upload limits :)

RedBubble Community Member