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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Untitled Amy

Untitled #1, 2009

Amy is moving away again.

And I had wanted to photograph her again before she left for out West. It was a couple of years ago now that I photographed her - when she stayed with me over Christmas in 2007. I recalled then, as now, that she just had one of those naturally beautiful honest real bodies. Nice ink, nice curves, and just easy going to photograph. She just is.

Untitled #2, 2009

Untitled #3, 2009

Untitled #4, 2009

She is very much a wandering soul at heart. Gonna miss her when she goes. We always have fun together.

Untitled #5, 2009

Thanks to Missy Costa for the location and the makeup. :) Glad I got to use your place once while it was available.

Those following on the blog will have to wait till Facebook loads the pic free post... And their API sucks at this


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Mojo said...

Too bad she's leaving. She's got that element that no amount of makeup can recreate... and these are phenomenal shots, the simplicity of the compositions suits her quite well.