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Friday, August 14, 2009

Red light running at Oxford & Wharncliffe off the scale

So I sat on the Starbucks patio tonight with Missy having a Vanilla Bean with a shot of espresso in it (try it. trust me). We watched for 90 mins cars run the lights at the intersection of Oxford and Wharncliffe. No less than 70 cars proceeded through the intersection from a stop or slow crawl while the light was fully red.

There is construction on this corner and has been for a while now, but it is really really bad now. A lot of people are getting stuck in the intersection, are not sure where to go, and or just keep on going when the light is red. During construction hours there has been a paid duty police officer there helping with traffic, but when its dark not so much.


Checker Limo almost hit two girls crossing the street on the North side as he turned East to North. Was within a foot of the girls and slamming on of breaks.

A firetruck that was already proceeding through the intersection had to wait as a car making a left didn't know where to go and was stopped at 45 degrees blocking the truck. The firetruck wasn't lights n sirens, but still.

Regularly cars would move through in groups of three or four Northbound after the lights were red and weave around the oncoming traffic from the left or right. Lots of beeping.

Instead of making a West to South turn, cars would pick their own way through the pilons (occasionally after a red) and then try to merge back into traffic coming South. Totally not knowing the correct way to turn.

Cars would get confused, stop near the middle after the lights have changed, and then proceed only when cars are coming towards them from both sides. Also in groups of two and three.

Cars would meet when making left hand turns when only one group (north/south or East West) had the advance, but since the other group was in the middle still...

And cars that crept up through the construction going N0rth would gun it, and without a single omission any rear wheel vehicle (with impatient driver) would spin tires and kick up dust n dirt getting up and onto the pavement again.

This intersection is an Epic Fail. Anyone who goes through it is really taking a chance. And if you are in a sports car, going north there is a big bump which you could bottom out on if you are not ready for it.

I didn't have my camera, but when I am up that way tomorrow I might shoot a few frames to illustrate my point. I don't think I will have to wait long.

A red light or amber light traffic ticket has four different penalties:

Three demerit points, a fine of one hundred and eighty dollars ($180.00) and a conviction registered on your driving record for three years. And insurance increases of course. Even if only half the cars got tickets in the 90 mins I was there, that would have been $6300 in fines alone!

Anyone know who the Ward Councilor is for that area? Because they should sit there and observe this.


Mike Wood Photography

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