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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sometimes only one photo is needed.

Brittani 01, 2009

Brittani from last Saturday when it was blistering hot outside - a stark contrast to today's rainy n cool. Despite her obvious beauty, she isn't someone who considers herself photogenic or model material.

I find people like that the best to photograph.

When Brittani returns to Canada in the fall, I hope she will allow me to shoot her again. Was such a quick, easy and results filled shoot.

Content shot for Missy Costa's soon to be revealed MUA website.


Mike Wood Photography

1 comment:

Mojo said...

If you can get them comfortable enough in front of the camera, you're absolutely right about them being the best.

And you're absolutely right about Brittani's obvious beauty without any kind of disclaimer. I hope you'll be able to shoot her again too.