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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flaunt Magazine and the screwing of a photographer

Photographer Melissa Rodwell over on Fashion Photography Blog posted the above video along with this lengthy blog called Getting Screwed by an 'Ultra Hip' Magazine which is about being shafted by Flaunt Magazine. That post is definitely worth reading for the words and the cool bw gothic beach pics, and the BTS video - shot by Dimitrios Papagiannis and Tim Glass from The Eye Lab is worth a look.

The video is about 22 mins long and starts off with Melissa Rodwell talking about the shoot the night before: what's planned, how it came about, and so on. At about 5:28, the video switches to the beach near Malibu and the actual shoot. I enjoyed the 'how to', seeing whats involved in a large production, and what a rented $30,000 Hasselblad can to for a pic. :)

Long story short, this shoot, which was done out of pocket for tear sheets, was supposed to be 16 pages in Flaunt. And it ended up being just two pages and only a half dozen 2in x 2in pics. And Flaunt didn't even bother to tell her. She found out when it hit the news stands. Lots of not cool. And likely some bridge burning. But beautiful images.  

The video can be watched wide screen and in HD on YouTube if you prefer. I did. :)


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