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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blogger updated its interface for posting

Poking around in the Blogger settings a little while ago, I found Blogger, as part of its Tenth Anniversary, had updated its Post editor. And as a part of this upgrade, my two pet peeves with using it have been resolved.

First and foremost, the minuscule window in which you have to write is now corner dragging re-sizable. That perhaps made my entire day. When I wrote a post with images, it was a pain in the butt to scroll while editing for readability and layout . With the new window that is no longer a problem. The size is saved in a per-user, per-blog preference too. :)

And Peeve #2 has also been fixed. When uploading images to the blog, they got dumped by default initially right at the top. And then I had to cut/paste them to where I wanted.  And it was not precise. This too is no longer rediculame.  

While playing around with the editor, I decided to revamp slightly my page. Added an image of Miss Lizzz up top with the banner, tweaked the font colours a touch, picked a different Twitter gadget on the right. Made labels visible and one or two other things.  I will need to go through the links on the right to see which are dead at some point soon too.

Full info on the new editor, and the other features, can be found in this Blogger help article.


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Mojo said...

I finally got so fed up with Blogger's WYSIWYG (yeahright) editor I quit using it and just did the markup myself in the HTML view.

Love the new header. That's one of my favorite shots of yours.