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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fences and Lama's

Good Fences Make... , 2010

Not being on the computer much at all in December, I got a library card, and after re-familiarizing myself with Mr Dewey and his decimal system, I checked out a few books. One of which was The Dalai Lama's book In My Own Words. I think that book, which I thoroughly enjoyed - and understood most of, is obviously recently influencing my thoughts.

If you can find a copy of it and are interested in a good intro to Buddhism written by someone who certainly knows his stuff, have a read. It's not a big book. I read it in a couple or three days.

Helped in tryin' to maintain the positive in these times that are frustratingly lacking in sunlight.

Going to return the book and maybe get a couple of others today.

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