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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mallory and the bricks

 Mallory & the bricks #3

I have been enjoying shooting in colour. Not sure why, as most of my work has been in black and white. But regardless, with Jennifer and now Mallory, all the recent images from the two shoots were in colour. Vibrant colour. Mallory had this outfit she wasn't likely to wear often and boots that, while they look cool, are a challenge to wear out as they are a bit uncomfortable to walk in, so that made for a cool all-in-black shoot.

When it was warm two weeks ago, we headed to a location I found by chance one day that was shielded from afternoon sun and with interesting textures. And void of cars on a Sunday. Every time I shoot Mallory she gets better, and picks up on things she hadn't before. I am thinking an Art History degree is a handy thing to have as a model.

 Mallory & the brick #1 

 Mallory & the bricks #2

 Mallory & the bricks #4

 Mallory & the bricks #5

More images from this shoot to follow.


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Nakul said...

nice work with d background