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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Corey's back yard

Corey and the Fallen Birch Tree

I first came across Corey on her old Myspace page somewhere in mid 2006. She had posted a couple of classic 'in the bathroom mirror' photos. While cool, I knew, despite having little experience with such things, I could improve on them. I hesitated at first, but when I found out she didn't live too far from me - at the time round on Kipps Lane, I asked her if she would model for me.

Corey in Sepia by her Pond

Corey is the essence of free spirit. I knew that from the moment I first met her. So easy going and comfortable in her own skin. She was the third woman I ever shot nudes with, and she is one with whom I regularly have chosen to do so.

Corey adjusting her bathing suit

We thought it was amusing that this was the first time in ten shoots that I photographed her, at least initially, with clothes on. Corey is just relaxed and at ease when doing nudes. And through her - amongst others, I have found that it is something that I too have grown to prefer the challenge of shooting and shooting well - over most other things. And not just for what you might think are obvious reasons. Its just natural, real, honest photography. Besides, there is less lint and cat fur to Photoshop off of black tee shirts n skirts when doing nudes.  :)

Corey Godiva

Corey let me muck around with my camera in those early days when I didn't really know what I was doing. And we still made really nice photos. She let me muck around with my new camera last weekend as I fiddled with buttons that were not there and switches that were. We still made some nice photos. And in a short four years, we have become really good friends. Something just as important to me as the photos we create.

Corey Godiva #2

As we moved from one spot to another in her private forest like back yard, we both realized how much we missed shooting together - it had been more than a year at least.  And it is sad we won't get a chance much anymore. Corey is moving away this week. Up North. Not quite to where the Polar Bears roam, but far enough away that I won't see much of her without lots of planning. But should I get some funds to spare for a drive, I am heading up to visit for sure.

Forest Meditation

All the best to you Corey in the next chapter of your life. Namaste, my often pink haired Coca Cola obsessed friend. :)


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