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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dragonfly frame four

Dragonfly sunning on rock

This is the fourth frame ever shot from my Canon 450d that was the warranty replacement for the dead 400d I mentioned before. I still can't deal with the Raw files it creates directly - Lightroom doesn't like these CR2s, so I have to use the bundled Canon Digital Photo Professional to import and convert them into Tiffs and then muck around with it in Lightroom or PS from there. Screwing with my workflow, but I am hoping it's only temporary.

The above image, if you click on it, is cropped a touch from a slight rotation. Blogger wont allow the full sized version, but of you go to my flickr there is a link on this photo's page to view it full sized.

I believe its a clubtail dragonfly of some sort shot sunning on a rock by a pond. I tried to match it briefly online but couldnt locate a dragonfly with a single yellow spot, and dark eyes like this one.

Shot nearly straight down from a foot or so. 105mm, ISO 100, f6.3, 24-105L.  As the sun lowered in the sky, this was probably one of the few remaining warm rocks still in direct sunlight.


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