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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Earth's Dry Skin

Curling mud, in detail

Went for a drive and a walk on the July long weekend. Came across this expanse of sometimes dry mud. I had been here before a couple of times in the last year or so, and depending when I had checked it, there was often nothing to see. That day there was. Just had the point n shoot with me as this was just a random find and I wasn't going to be shooting anyone to bother lugging the DSLR. Depth of field control is a bitch with the PnS, but I liked what I saw.

The first shot above reminded me of some paint I shot several years ago on the exterior of an abandoned building.  This particular piece was about 10inches /25cm wide.

The rain the last couple of days will have erased this canvas for a bit.

Earth's Dry Skin

The line between shallow and deep

Top half deeper is deeper mud, about 25cm deep - from when I dropped a big rock into it. Bottom half, a thin layer of mud already dried and beginning to curl at the corner of the cracks. Tough to say how deep it was as it was fairly dry, but about half as deep.

Chocolate and chips

Really dry thin flaking and curling mud and much deeper chocolate brown mud side by side. To me it looked like light chocolate shavings on the edge of brownies. (That should confuse people who Google that and end up here).
Dry curling mud in late afternoon.

I liked the fact that all these patches of mud were within 50feet/15m from each other and yet have completely different feels to them in terms of texture, colour, depth and fragility.


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