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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Vanessa #1

I met Vanessa about ten years ago when we both worked at the same company. I don't think I had seen her face to face in about eight years or so, but at one point during the summer we talked about getting together to shoot a couple photos to update her Facebook profile pics.

Vanessa #3

We met up on one of the last warm weekends of the summer and chatted for a bit before heading to the location to shoot. We shot for about an hour and got some results that we were quite pleased with.

Vanessa #4

Vanessa #5

Vanessa Black Dress #1

Vanessa Black Dress #2

Vanessa Black Dress #3

Vanessa Black Dress #5

When I offered to photograph her, I didn't realize beforehand what a natural subject she was going to be. Great features, awesome thick hair, poise, and she took direction very well. 

Hopefully I get the opportunity to photograph her again sometime soon.

Vanessa Black Dress #6



Karen S. said...

Vanessa #3 and a couple more are my favorites, hard to believe a person can have a favorite really, as each picture is beautifully captured....she sure will dazzle FB and I hope she gives you credit, cuz I can see potential business knocking down your door! Great stuff! Perfect direction....!

Mike Wood said...

Thanks Karen. :) Her friends certainly liked the images. Not so much with the potential business knocking down my door, but one thing at a time. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful woman and beautiful pictures.. You both should be quite proud... said...

I love Vanessa#4, its just a great image and her face is beautiful and the light, perfect.
it only takes one ...

Mike Wood said...

thanks Lynne and Dennis. I am proud of quite a lot of my work, and at the end of this one, I was sure I had something special. :)