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Friday, September 10, 2010

Designs by Ryn

Dreaming Mermaid
©Designs by Ryn

My friend Ryn - who is a real creative soul and full of awesome artistic ideas on many fronts, has just launched a website for her rubber stamp designs. I have watched Ryn go from having this idea in the back of her head for her own stamp business, through all the different design, production, packaging and business phases, and finally to the point where it is online and she is able to take orders. It's been pretty cool being on the periphery of all that. :)

I have held the actual stamps - and after having received an education in stamp making over the past year, I can say her products are worlds better than some of the crap you can buy out there: cool designs, fine edges, deeply etched and highly detailed. If you are into scrap booking or making cards and so on, it is worth a look.

Check out her Designs by Ryn if you get a chance. I know she will be adding more designs as she grows her business and I look forward to seeing what she will come up with next. :)


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