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Friday, January 14, 2011

Looking up, you get a different perspective on things.

Another forested area. Different trees. Looking up, you get a different perspective on things. Fairly warm looking mid-winter sun, blue sky and tall trees. It really wasn't warm though. My eyes were tearing up and my cheeks were numb about an hour into my walk. And I never seem to bring right footwear on these impulse walks. You can really clean shoes of road salt by walking in coarse snow to your ankles for a couple hours. :)

Aside from tweaking the levels a bit (highlight recovery on the trunks mainly, touch of vignetting, and really not much else), these uncropped tree shots are as the Raw was right out of the camera. Shallow depth of field and some movement in the uppermost branches gave it a soft blur which I really like.

Not much variation on camera settings in these shots. 1/80-1/100 sec, handheld, f6.3-f10, one stop up exposure (was doing that for snow shots), ISO 200, 24-93mm, Canon XSi.



Carmi said...

Great photographers always change up their - and our - perspective. As you've done here! I feel small looking at these. And I find myself resisting the urge to reach out and rub the bark.

Mike Wood said...

Thanks Carmi. The bark was very barky too. :)